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Garavice Memorial Park

The work of architect Bogdan Bogdanović

Love is stronger than hate

The Garavice Memorial Park is a memorial park for the victims of fascist terror, which has been declared the National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The memorial monument is the work of architect Bogdan Bogdanović. Garavice was a mass execution site established by the Independent State of Croatia during World War II near Bihać, in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Garavice Memorial Park was built in 1981 on the initiative of the Municipality of Bihać in 1973.

The basis of the Garavice Memorial Park concept comes from two elements: megaliths and the existing landscape (hill and sky). In terms of architectural design, it can be classified in the less complex monumental environments of Bogdan Bogdanović.

The park consists of 15 identical sculptures organized into two groups: the larger of 13 sculptures that are concentrated on and around the hill and the smaller of two sculptures that are 975.7 m as the crow flies.

Those who decide to visit this park will be greeted by a strong anti-fascist message engraved on the stone at the entrance: 

Life is stronger than death, Justice is stronger than crime, Love is stronger than hate.

The Garavice Memorial Park is located 17 km or a 30-minute drive from the Japod Islands

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