Report participation in the 48th International Una Regatta

More there are only a few weeks left until the start of the 48th International Una Regatta, and it's still not too late to register your team's participation in one of the stages of the local Una regatta or opt for the entire four-day experience.

Registration fee

The registration fee for participation in all stages of the Una regatta amounts to 50 KM, while the place is in a boat with a skipper, necessary equipment and transportation from the Japod Islands to the start of the stage, and the return from the finish line to the Japod Islands 120 KM per person for all stages.

Participants who do not intend to sail the entire regatta have the option of choosing to sail in stages at the following prices:

  • Martin boat - Štrbački buk - 20 KM registration fee + 60 KM place in the boat
  • Strbački buk - Bihać - 25 KM + 80 KM place in the boat
  • Bihać - Krupa - 20 KM + 60 KM place in the boat

Regatta program
  • 27.07. – gathering in Martin Brod with a concert by the band ROK KO FOL
  • 28.07. - rowing on the Martin Brod - Štrbački buk stage with a concert by the BEDEM TAMBURA BAND
  • 29.07. - rowing on the Štrbački buk - Bihać stage with a VANNE I PARNJI VALJAK TRIBUTE BAND concert
  • 30.07. - rowing on the stage Bihać - Bosanska Krupa with the FLIGHT OF THE PIKE concert

Applications on whats up / viber +387 63 14 14 14 or email

From the funds of the registration fee, the following is ensured:

  • Space for free camping (NOTE: all participants should have their own camping equipment)
  • Entrance to the visitor zones of NP "Una"
  • Insurance of the participants by an authorized insurance company
  • Engagement of experienced kayakers and divers for the safety of the participants
  • Engagement of the fire and medical services
  • Ticket for the concert on the City Island in Bihać
  • The organizer will provide meals for all participants in the registration fee (with presentation of official accreditation), namely:
    – 28, 29, 30 July 2022, breakfast, lunch and dinner
    – 27.07.2022. you provide your own food.

NOTE: Participants in the entire Una Regatta (all stages) pay 10.00 KM for the concert ticket, while all others pay the full price of the ticket.

Una regatta 2022

Una should not be protected from people, but people should be taught to protect Una,

- Bosko Marjanović
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