Treehouse on the Japod Islands - irresistibly exciting accommodation!

Prostore za odmor tražimo skrolajući instagram, kuckajući po tastaturi i posjećujući različite online magazine.

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Team building na rijeci Uni i Japodskim otocima!

Japodski Otoci nude sve što vam je potrebno za nezaboravan doživljaj nadogradnje timskog duha, uz obilje opcija smještaja, gastronomskih delicija, aktivnosti, zabave i prirode

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Nagrađujemo: Osvojite besplatan rafting i dva noćenja za dvije osobe na Japodskim otocima

Japodski otoci vas pozivaju na nezaboravnu avanturu – BESPLATAN RAFTING I DVA NOĆENJA za dvije osobe!

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Una in a cloud of magic: Inner peace and outer beauty

While winter crept into our region, the snow revived nature and turned the Japod Islands and the Una river into a fairytale world.

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City of Bihać in December: Friendship, love and unforgettable fun

Hospitality, love and unforgettable fun — that's Winter Park! An event determined by people.

Continue Reading The Japod Islands are located three hours from Zagreb. The destination is magical

In NEIGHBORING Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the town of Račić, the unique natural attraction Japodski otoci is located. It is a cultural and archaeological area surrounded by greenery and the river Una.

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Slovenian lifestyle portal: The most beautiful locations where you can relax in a tree

The Slovenian lifestyle portal recently published an article about the most beautiful and closest locations for enjoying nature, and accommodation on the Japod Islands is among them.

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Discover the secrets of drinking Bosnian coffee perfectly with Ada's tricks!

Drinking coffee is a serious business for many lovers of this beverage around the world. In Bosnia, drinking homemade Bosnian coffee is a real ritual, and the act itself, from preparation to drinking, has its own word - "ceif".

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Summer by the river: A trip that brings back the best memories

Summer is the time when most of us look forward to planning vacations and trips. But instead of opting for popular beach destinations, why not try something different this year?

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Najsrdačnija zahvala našim posjetiteljima za uspješnu sezonu ’22

Thank you for the excellent season we spent together. Your support, enthusiasm and cheer were key to the success of this season.

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