Una boat ride

The best way for a comfortable and dry experience of the Una river

A visit to the city of Bihać and the Japod Islands is not complete if you have not experienced a ride on a Una boat. These are wooden boats that have been traditionally built on the river Una for a hundred years, and in recent years the traditional models have been given a table so that more people can comfortably ride on them. We describe this experience as the perfect water experience if you want to stay safe and dry.

The adventure begins with boarding our wooden boat. Sail through the beautiful landscape of the Japod Islands and the beauty of nature that surrounds you from a completely different perspective. If you wish, you can complement the sailing with the gastronomic offer of restaurants on the Japod Islands.

Experience the beauty of the Una River

Driving on Una ship through the Japod Islands

During the ride on the Una boats, passengers can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and natural beauty offered by the Una river. The boatmen often tell interesting stories about the river and its surrounding areas, while the passengers relax and enjoy the peaceful and relaxing ride.

It is important to note that riding on the Una boats is a relatively safe activity, but it is still recommended to follow all safety instructions and recommendations of the boatman to avoid any accidents or accidents.

You can book the ride on the spot, while if you have a larger group or are planning to have lunch on the boat, it is recommended to make an earlier reservation via our contact number or e-mail. The price of the ride is 10 KM per person and takes about 40 minutes.


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Take great photos while swinging over the water

Swinging River

Enjoy swinging over the crystal clear Una! This is a great experience to enjoy the exciting swing over the river and to take great photos. You can reach the rock by kayak, with a boatman on the boat or by swimming.

See you on the swing!

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