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Alone or with a company, conquer the waterfall, conquer the trail, change your view, get to know the beauty from above and take your stand. Breathe life into adventure and leave your mark! Look back and be proud because you have just become a Una knight, a conqueror - an adventurer! Row, pedal, soar, explore, dive, start life inside yourself, because complete joy of life and is waiting at the University and in Bihać.
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Una river rafting

Small pleasures that you must try at least once in your life! One of the most popular adrenaline experiences in BiH.

Una National Park

The protected area of the Una National Park begins just a few kilometers from the Japod Islands

The medieval town of Sokolac

The town of Sokolac is located 10 KM from the Japod Islands, and you can reach it by bicycle.

Ostrozac Castle

Located on a dominant elevation above the left bank of the Una, the Ostrožac castle is noticeable and unmissable.

Racicko looked at it

A short circular route from the Japod Islands to the lookout point with a view of the Una, lasting 2 hours.

Loskunsko looked

Explore the Japoda valley by bike, ride to viewpoints or medieval towns, and enjoy the view of the Una river while pedaling.

Dvoslap and Troslap

A short walk along the Una and along the Una railway to the waterfalls, which represent another example of the water magic of the Una river.

Garavice Memorial Park

The Garavice Memorial Park is a memorial park for the victims of fascist terror, which has been declared the National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Željava Military Airport

The military underground airport and complex Željava was built in 1960 during Yugoslavia. Built during the Cold War.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The Plitvice Lakes are one of the world's most famous national parks. This beauty is widely written and talked about, but in fact no photo, video or text can prepare you for all that you will see in Plitvice with your own eyes.

Cinema Japodi

Blanket under one arm, loved ones under the other, and heavenly dust in the eyes. We have everything else. See you under the stars again this summer!

Bliha waterfall and Dabar cave

Located only 14 kilometers from the Sanski bridge and with a height of 56 meters, the Bliha waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in this area, and it is recognizable by the fact that the water breaks off the rock, creating a special and quite unusual sight.

Una boat ride

The perfect experience on the water begins with boarding our wooden boat. As you sail through the beautiful landscape, learn a little about everything from our boatmen.

Rent a bike

rent a bike and explore the surroundings in your own way. Enjoy the freedom of driving through nature, discovering hidden trails and beautiful landscapes.

Rent a kayak

Feel the river Una in a unique way, exploring its calm waters and the surrounding nature.

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