The Japod Islands are located three hours from Zagreb. The destination is magical

The Japod Islands are located three hours from Zagreb. The destination is magical

In NEIGHBORING Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the town of Račić, the unique natural attraction Japodski otoci is located. It is a cultural and archaeological area surrounded by greenery and the river Una. But the specificity of this area is the view from the air. Namely, when viewed from above, this area has a heart-shaped appearance.


An ideal destination for lovers of untouched nature

This is one of the more popular tourist destinations of the neighboring country, and is ideal for lovers of untouched nature. Within the Japod Islands there is a tourist village with a restaurant, garden, terrace and bar, and we really liked the wooden bungalows and the transparent dome where you can spend the night.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of this area, guests can play table tennis, hike, try rafting on the Una or ride a bike. In addition to rafting on the Una, it is also worth visiting the national park, which hides numerous beauties of nature. Near the Japod Islands is the medieval town of Sokolac, which offers a panoramic view of the town of Bihać.


As for accommodation in this tourist resort, in addition to bungalows, you can also spend the night in classic rooms.

In August, the price of a night in a wooden bungalow by the coast is 73 euros (550.02 kn), and the bungalow has 16 square meters, air conditioning, two single beds, a TV and a terrace. Accommodation in a Deluxe bungalow, i.e. a transparent dome, is 129 euros (971.95 HRK) in August. It has 35 square meters, air conditioning, TV, bathroom, large double bed and terrace. 


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